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Jay Krisnanunny

Not just the founder of The Everyday Bowl, but also a pet-parent to 6 dogs & cats. When he's not taking care of his furry kids, you'll find him exploring the mountains of India on his motorbike.

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"TEB’s inspiration wasn't some profound, life-changing moment - it was simply the result of a few things: me growing up in different countries & watching my mother cook global cuisines, being a sports & fitness enthusiast, and most importantly being someone who lives alone & was fed up of all the boring & seemingly ‘healthy’ food out in the market! And so, The Everyday Bowl was born to provide Healthy Food That Doesn't Suck"

Our Core Team

The Chefs. They're like the Batman and Robin of the Kitchen, whipping up dishes that will knock your socks off!





The Customer Relationship Manager. For when it comes to dealing with your positive feedback (and occasional rants)



Our Mission

At The Everyday Bowl we take pride in our mission to demystify the notion that healthy food needs to be boring. Every Meal we design & create is inspired by Global Cuisines & is a High Protein, Low Fat Bowl made with Fresh & Premium Ingredients.

We’re committed to a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond just food. We're dedicated to being environmentally friendly (no plastic packaging), producing zero waste (food only made to order), and we donate a portion of our profits to NGOs that care about people, animals, and the planet.


We are excited for YOU to join us in continuing this healthy positive impact,

one meal at a time!

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